Major Sponsor



A special note from Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council - ASBEC is pleased to support education and training that equips residential design and construction professionals with the skills and solutions to achieve high performance low carbon buildings.

Comment from National Energy Efficient Buildings Project (NEEBP - managed for COAG by the Government of South Australia): NEEBP has worked with the building industry for the past 5 years to understand key barriers to energy efficient, code compliant and high performing homes. We were told two of the biggest issues were “trade silos” where professions tend to work independently on site and “skills and understanding gaps” where the underlying rules of energy efficient construction are not always appreciated. In 2017 NEEBP, through the Cross-Industry Skills Training Project, supported energy efficiency training that encouraged more integrated and energy-informed building teams. Similarly, the Educate 1000 initiative promises to upskill and create learning environments that foster integration and mutual trade accountability.  This will go a long way to improving energy efficiency on any building site.

If your organisation is interested in being a sponsor or official supporter, please contact Anthony on 0413 803 987 or email.