We are seeking non-financial support from associations and not-for-profit organisations to help Educate 1000 succeed.

Educate 1000 has aims that have evolved from our awareness and understanding that key industry bodies and Governments want to see the residential design and construction industry deliver higher quality compliant homes, whether it be renovation or new build, that are as close to net zero energy as possible. Homes that our community deserve and don't cost more to design and construct.

For this delivery to occur, pinpoint targeted education will be rolled out to professionals associated with the design and construction of homes.

A special note from Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council - ASBEC is pleased to support education and training that equips residential design and construction professionals with the skills and solutions to achieve high performance low carbon buildings.

As supporters join us, their logo will appear below.

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  • List Educate 1000 education events on your website.

We are open to suggestions are happy to work with you on what best suits your organisation's marketing approach. 

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  • Include your logo on the Campaign's supporters web page with a link to your website.
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  • Promote your events where we see as relevant to our social media audience.
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