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Energy Efficiency Skills Program

The four online courses are: Energy Compliance in the NCC: An Introduction. Energy Compliance in NCC Volume One. Energy Compliance in NCC Volue Two. Systems Thinking in Residential Design.

Chefs: Pointsbuild and Government of South Australia

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We are currently working with our campaign sponsors and supporters to provide you with a library of awesome articles that will bring to life what you need to ensure that the homes you design and build perform and comply.

Dark walls, dark roofs – take care with this hot industrial style

Urban industrial style is a hot house design trend, but it can give you headaches if you don't insulate it right. Understand the issue before you build. One of the current trends for external colour selection currently seen on shows like The Block and in home magazines around Australia is a combination of dark metal or tiled roofs and dark walls covered with weatherboard or bricks, often combined with cathedral ceilings to give a feeling of space and air. Read more

A small change in house design can mean a big change in energy consumption for home owners

Currently across the whole of Australia, 100% of tile roofs today are finished at the ridge (the high point on the roof) with cement to hold the ridge tiles securely in place. A case study on energy consumption in the home of a family of 4 in Sydney. Read more

How to help avoid summer jointing problems

Hot dry summer weather can adversely affect the performance of plasterboard jointing compounds. USG Boral’s Category Manager for Compounds, Tim Harrington, explains why and offers some solutions. Read more

Can you put underfloor heating under wooden floors

Timber flooring can be used over a hydronic underfloor heating/cooling system provided you use hardwood and preferably an engineered hardwood. Read more

Quality of life through innovation and sustainability

Every day, Geberit practises a holistic approach to sustainable thinking including the wellbeing of their employees, the development of water-saving solutions, energy-efficient production, and fully recyclable products to protect Mother Earth. Read more

Achieving fire and acoustic compliance in multi-residential construction

For the architects, contractors and workers involved in the design and construction of these projects it brings unique challenges where the stakes are higher, regulations are tighter and specifying the best-performing products and systems is critical to success. Read more

The numbers are in - exceed the building code and reap the rewards

While building codes provide a safeguard against poor performance and shoddy work, they are not designed to reward designers for going the extra yard for better performing buildings. Read more

Thermally Window and Door Broken Systems

Growing awareness of and demand for energy efficient building materials has driven product development in this area, resulting in an offering of window and door systems that deliver significant improvements in thermal efficiency and insulation properties. Read more

Why do you need a pressure blower door & thermal imaging test?

Air tightness and blower door tests are performed to highlight air gaps and thermal bridging within the building envelope from walls, floors, roofs, doors, windows, skylights and any other openings. Read more

Are heat pumps effective in freezing weather?

Heat pumps work best above 7 degrees Celsius but will work down to minus 15 degrees provided they have good air flow. This is because the refrigerant in the heat pump boils at minus 26 degrees, so minus 15 is warm in comparison, zero degrees is hot and 7 degrees is very hot. Read more

Your proven answer for acoustic ventilation

Noise pollution is becoming increasingly common in our built environment. However our desire for natural fresh air and light remains as strong as ever. Read more

What is Photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis describes a chemical reaction, which is accelerated by light. A photocatalyst is a substance that causes this reaction, without being involved in it. A photocatalyst coating is a coating that contains photocatalysts as ingredients. Read more

Healthy verandas

If your veranda is to be comfortable, you need to give careful consideration to the choice of materials used. For a start, you'll need insulating glass and efficient insulation in the roof. Read more

How glass is made

Not all glass is created equal – so let us take you through the in depth processes that allow us to transform a bunch of raw materials into the advanced technology that brings light into your life. Read more

Glass is absolutely vital for creating light-filled and comfortable spaces

More than any other component, windows set the tone of your building by providing views, ventilation, daylight and a sense of space. They also play a critical role in your comfort and energy consumption levels, selectively shielding unwanted heat gain, whilst insulating against heat loss. Read more


High Level Energy Efficiency

Chefs: Australian Window Association and New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage

Checks for ensuring a energy efficient building envelope

Chefs: Master Builders Victoria and Government of South Australia

The science of energy and energy efficiency

Chefs: Australian Window Association and New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage

Energy efficiency and maintaining the building envelope

Chefs: Master Builders Victoria and Government of South Australia

Selecting the right glazing for comfort

Chefs: Australian Window Association and New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage


Chefs: Supply Chain Sustainability School, TAFE NSW and New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage