Educate 1000 will take place around Australia, hitting capital cities and regional areas during 2018.

Face-to-face style CPD education will be the primary focus for Educate 1000.

The education is suitable for domestic builders, architects, building designers, trades, consultants and those interested.

The education will be delivered via these platforms:

  • Industry Update Series. Guest speakers will pass on relevant information pertaining to the aim of Educate 1000. This will delivered as a half day program.
  • High Performance Home Skills Workshop. Guest speakers will provide attendees with a snapshot into the skills required to design and construct high performance homes. This will be delivered as a one day program.
  • SustainAbility Design Specialist (SDS) Masterclass developed by BDA Australia. This is a four day Masterclass tailored for designers with intermediate skills.
  • Supplier connect area to increase product awareness and knowledge.

If you are interested in supporting Educate 1000, click HERE. If you are interested in sponsoring Educate 1000, click HERE.

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