The Educate 1000 Campaign has been created by Australian Living, a purpose-driven, values-based organisation that has been delivering sustainability-focused education programs and events for residential design and building professionals as well as creating marketing platforms for suppliers and industry since 2009.

Educate 1000 has evolved from Australian Living's awareness and understanding that key industry bodies and Governments want to see the residential design and construction industry deliver higher quality compliant homes, whether it be renovation or new build, that are as close to net zero energy as possible. Homes that our community deserve and don't cost more to design and construct.

We handpick experienced industry professionals to present our seminar audiences with relevant, topical information to enhance their professional skills - the 'how'- and deepen their understanding around the 'why'.

We partner with RTOs to integrate relevant formal training such as BDA Australia's SustainAbility Design Specialist Masterclass.

You can get involved as a supporter, sponsor or attend the education programs.