Educate 1000 is a national education campaign designed to deepen a culture of PERFORMANCE, COMPLIANCE and COLLABORATION in Australia’s residential building industry.


Many new homes and renovations, as-built, aren’t meeting building code requirements for energy use and thermal comfort.

Australians are increasingly looking for ways they can decrease their energy bills and be more comfortable (temperature) in their home.

For Australia’s residential building industry to become net zero emissions by 2050, enhanced skills are required to get the job done.


Seminars and workshops will be held around Australia from September 2017 to November 2018.

The education aims to ...

  • Provide the workforce with the skills required to design and construct homes that perform - renovations and new builds.
  • Address the issue of under compliance to state-based energy efficiency and thermal regulations.
  • Reduce the use of non-conforming building products and increase the use of 'fit for purpose' systems and products.
  • Highlight the efforts currently being undertaken by industry members to reduce Australia's emissions.
  • Showcase the value of strong collaboration - design team, suppliers, construction team and the home owner.
  • Drive better communication channels between industry and community.


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You can get involved as a supporter, sponsor or attend the education programs.